Is Calm in the Storm right for you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, Calm in the Storm is right for you.

How Does Calm in the Storm Work?

Improve your life at your own pace with 3-5 minute micro-learning experiences, accessed by any device, any time.

Understand Stress
Stress is dangerous to our health and our careers. We owe it to our family, colleagues, and, most of all, ourselves to better understand stress and navigate it. That starts with learning what happens, physically and chemically, to your body during turbulent times.

Identify Triggers
Discover your triggers and which of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and habits reinforce a life dominated by stress and fear of the unknown. As Dr. Rob will remind you throughout the course, “What you are unaware of controls you. What you become aware of you can change.”

Respond to Challenges
There’s no such thing as a stress-free life. Unexpected challenges will always arise. But you can learn practical, immediately applicable skills and tools to stay on your feet no matter what life throws your way. Become a more valuable leader, employee, partner, friend, and family member.

Worksheets to Let You Go Deep and Anchor Your Learning

Most lessons in this program have customized worksheets specifically designed to help you easily absorb and immediately apply Dr. Pennington’s micro learning experiences. Drawn from his many years providing multi-day training for the top corporations and professional associations, these easy to use worksheets are structured for you to quickly take advantage of the many life changing tools and techniques introduced through the Calm in the Storm Program.

You will be able to