Who is this course for?

Anyone looking for guidance and techniques to excel despite challenges in their personal or professional life will benefit from the course. We’ve found it’s especially helpful for those working in the medical, management, and accounting fields.

How long is the course?
There are eight modules. Each module comes with 6 to 8 individual lessons that are three to five minutes each, along with exercises, and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, although you are encouraged to go at your own pace and review each module as needed.
What is the most effective way to apply the course?

It depends on how you like to learn. We recommend completing one module per week. We have found it easy for learners to play the lesson, and then download and complete the worksheets. Learners are asked to apply one concept, test the idea in your work environment and life, and journal about what they have learned in the morning and evening.

How long do I have access to the course?

For one year from the registration date of the course.

Will I receive bonus materials or anything else as part of this course?

It depends on your organization. LaRae Quy is available for video and live, deeper-dive masters level group interaction.

How long does each module last?
The course is divided into modules, with lessons that are an average of 3-5 minutes long. From our research, we have found this is how adults learn most effectively.
What if I want to buy the course for my organization?

Investment levels for groups are available for large groups. Click here to inquire about making an enterprise investment.